Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Deer HNT

After we bought our boat in early 1994, we spent almost every summer weekend at Watch Hill on Fire Island where we docked our boat in the marina. Watch Hill had a large marina, a beach on both the Great South Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, camp grounds, a nature walk, restaurant, snack bar and a bar. If you walked a few hundred yards east on the ocean beach side, you entered the wilderness area of Fire Island. The wilderness area on Fire Island is the only real wilderness area in NY State.

But there was one thing I didn’t like about Watch Hill, it was those damn deer. They were infested the Lyme disease carrying ticks. They weren’t afraid of people at all, as I guess you can tell by this picture. One day we were eating at one of the picnic tables and the person next to me got up. A minute or so later, one of the deer tried to eat the food right off the table next to me. I reached over, smacked it on the nose and it took off. Damn deer!



Osbasso said...

Damned nature! Intruding on human recreation like that! :-P

Anonymous said...

I could never smack a dear.
I can eat one, but never give one a slap.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how fearless wildlife can be when food is around. Happy belated HNT! :)