Sunday, June 07, 2009

I think I've lost all sense of dignity.

I did it again, I submitted a picture for TMZ's "Show Us Your Gut" contest, just for a chance to win $250. Hey I'm old and people expect me to do shit like this, so why not?


TMZ's Show Us Your Guts Contest -- Finalists!

Posted Jun 6th 2009 2:30AM by TMZ Staff

Big ones, small ones, hairy ones and ones made of steel -- the belly-busting photos poured in from all over the country for TMZ's Show Us Your Guts Contest ... hope you can stomach all the awesome abdomen!

** Be sure and check back on Monday to vote for which tummy takes the cake!**


Kittie Kate said...

Shit! Why not?
Life is too short. You might as well enjoy it.

BTExpress said...

I do, I do, right to the ever loving end.

S said...

Pizza, retaining walls and that sexy body! Whats a girl to do?


Libby said...

wow, tony! is it wrong to say "you got more guts than i do"! very good picture!