Thursday, June 04, 2009


Monday night Claudia Jordon posted a Tweet on Twitter, she's one of the most popular Deal or No Deal models. She said she wanted callers input on the question, "Does sex too early ruin the potential for a relationship??????"

Through personal experience, answer would be a resounding NO!!! I dialed her show, but got a bust signal. I wait a while dial again, and this time get through. The call screener tells me to hold on and he'll try to get me on the show.

While on hold, the show came on over the phone. Claudia does most of the talking with input by three other female co hosts and of course, the callers. Both men and women to talk about their personal experience using very descriptive verbiage. Cursing is fine on satellite radio I found out.

The screener came back on after about a 1/2 hour and said he'd try to get me on again. I quickly told him I was 60 and had an interesting story. Guess what, I guess they wanted the elderly perspective, because I was the next caller. LOL

I got on and talked about my first date with Lori. You old timers will remember I met her at 2:00 pm for the movies and didn't get her home until 5:30 am, a 15 1/2 hour first date.

Since I don't have Sirius radio, I couldn't hear what happened after they hung up. Fortunately, the next day Claudia posted a link to a web site where you could hear the hour of her show. I was on around the 50 minute mark. After they hung up, I became the topic of conversation.

They got a big kick out of me. They talked about a number of things, like the advantages to dating 60 yo guys and one girl said, "Maybe we are dating the wrong guys and should start dating 60 yo's."

I was a HIT!

For your listening pleasure, here are my 3-minutes & 18 seconds of fame.

After the show I see that Claudia is on Twitter, so I Twittered her, or is it Tweeted?

@claudiajordan I'm the last caller, the 60 yo guy. Fun talking to you. My girl friend laughed when I told her about this.

She replied with, and I quote, "claudiajordan@TonyChliek YOU were FREAKIN Awsome! We all hope u tune in and call us again!!!!"

Hey guys, Claudia thinks I'm FREAKIN Awesome! LOL

I told Lori all about it, briefly describing what I talked about. She wanted to know if I told them what lead up to the BJ. I told her no, but that would have really freaked them out if I did. Needless to say, up till then, that was my BEST date ever!


FYI, Lori granted me permission to play this audio, because, as she put it, "I've showed your friends pictures of my tits, so why not?" Don't I have the best and most understanding girl friend EVER?


elizabeth said...

You are tooooooooo much! Only you Tony, only you!

BTExpress said...

Well, thank you.

Ashly Star said...

Very cool! =)

Happy HNT.

Libby said...

tony, you BOTH are frakin awesome!! i did catch one of the people on the radio saying "geriatric love" in the background, but you know what? secretly, they're totally jealous!! [hugs to you both!]

BTExpress said...

They are Libby. They totally want to do me.

Barbara said...

Holy Hell...LOL. You ARE a rockstar!

marcellonyc said...

You were great buddy! I loved it!


BTExpress said...

Thanks guys. I'd love to fill her in with the rest of the story.

Evening said...

You make an adorable celebrity. And how cool that people know that love and sex don't have rules, or ages.
You and Lori are awesome.

Dana said...


Good for you! I'm sure they were thrilled to hear from someone who actually has life experience. Does this mean I can tell people that I know someone famous now??

BTExpress said...

Dana - Sure. You can honestly tell them you know someone that's been on the radio a bunch of times. I used to call into a local Christian radio station to win CDs. Guess they didn't have a large number of callers, because I used to get through on all he time. That counts you know.

BTExpress said...

Evening - Thanks. I think they weren't expecting my story. Did you hear the girls say something like "Ewww" when Claudia said there was a 60 yo caller? I sure changed their minds. LOL

Kittie Kate said...

I prefer older men. I don't care if they're set in their ways. They have a way, and that's alright with me.

I like that story.

So what is a bust signal? Do you get to see boobs while you're waiting? ;)

BTExpress said...

Kate - LOL, I wish I got to see boobs, just a sp error. Glad you like us old guys. I have found that more and more younger women like the way we treat them, like a woman should be treated. We also know what the like in bed and usually aren't selfish.

gab said...

OMG that is too cute! Your pretty funny there Tony. Lori your pretty cool too let let him put that here where we all can hear! HUGS to you both

jillie said...

OMG!! That WAS freakin awesome!! I listened to it twice. You guys ROCK!