Monday, April 14, 2008

Well, that's out of the way.

I E-filed my tax returns today. I'm proud of myself, because that's a day earlier than usual. One year I was sweating making it by 11:59 on the 14th, but didn't get them in until a few minutes after midnight. I guess that was okay with the IRS, because I didn't get the penalty letter. Now I just have to see if they penalize me for not paying any taxes until this afternoon. It seems that each time I took money out of my IRAs, I was supposed to tell my broker to take out taxes for the IRS and the state. Another lessoned learned. The 10% early withdrawal penalty is bad enough, but now this. I won't be 59 1/2 until May 4th, so each time I take money out of the IRAs to buy food, gin & tonic and pay bills, there is a 10% early withdrawal penalty. Is it May 4th yet?

I read today that they dug up a Red Sock jersey that a Bronx born turn coat planted under 2 feet of concrete in the new Yankee Stadium they are building to jinx the Yankess. It seems that the turn coat construction worker is Red Sox fan. Now that he got caught, he claims it was just a joke. "Can't they take a joke?" he said. I guess his friends didn't think it was a joke, because they did their duty and turned the bum in. Is it a joke that they lost a day of construction digging up the jersey? NO! That's no joke! How much do you think it cost to dig that stupid jersey up? It's a union jobs so you know it cost plenty that's for sure. I may be a Mets fan, but what he did is unforgivable and he should get life cleaning toilets at Yankee Stadium for what he did.


Patti said...

Ugh taxes. Glad mine are over and done with early this year.
That was a stupid joke. Those Yankees/Sox fans. *sigh*

barman said...

I had mine done but when I tried to file it said something about secure layer error, try again later no matter how many times I tried. I tried at 2:00 am, nothing. I tried at 7:00 am, nothing. I did some research and it said that TurboTax (what I use) has that problem pop up in less than 1 percent of the cases. I am sorry, if they now there is a problem why didn't they put up a message that indicates there may be a problem that will not get fixed. Anyway I followed advice I saw on the Internet and installed the program on my work computer that does not have the latest IE or FireFox and also IE was the default unlike what I have at home. It worked, yea I was finally filed.

Can't they take a joke? Silly sports fanatic. I am sure he will be getting a big bill and, if not paid, a court summons. If the trial is in New York he is a gonner.