Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Broken Clavicle Update

I took Brian to the doctor today and the x ray shows some new bone growth. The next appointment is in three weeks and if his range of motion is good, he can go back to work, but no heavy lifting for at least a couple more months. Brian is due for a promotion to manager in May, so he wants to get back to work ASAP so he doesn't miss out on that.

I met a guy a little over a week ago that broke his collar bone in two places last October and they didn't set it either. It still hasn't healed even after all this time. Another guy I met broke his collar bone twice and neither time did they set it. All they do now a days is to put you in a sling and have you wait it out. Now if the bone had broken through the skin, then they would of had to operate. But the consensus today is to avoid surgery because the damage it can do to the nerves running down the arm can be worse than the break. If they are damaged, they may never get better. Like several people I read about when I was researching this.

One good thing that's come out of this is that Brian and I have been talking A LOT more and having actual conversations about all kinds of things. :-)


SignGurl said...

I didn't know that they didn't set clavicles anymore. I'm glad to hear that you and Brian are getting to spend some time together.

Anonymous said...

something good comes from something bad. :)

TUG said...

I disagree with all those doctors. I simple traction sling like I described before works wonders, avoids possible future complications and allows the bone to heal without getting a funny bump on your clavicle.

But, glad thinks are working out.

lime said...

wow, well know i know i guess. still, that seems such a serious break...dang. well,. glad yo uand brian are connecting during his healing.