Saturday, April 05, 2008

More Car Problems!

Yesterday I went outside to my car to go food shopping and get a haircut. The problem this time, was my car wouldn't start. Not only wouldn't it start, but it DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!! The radio didn't even work.

MOFO, SOB, WTF!!!!!!!!!!

I started to wonder if someone had stole my battery or some, because a dead battery isn't completely dead and I should have at least been able to turn on the radio. So I popped the hood and everything looked like it was there, so now it was time to use my well tuned troubleshooting skills. I used to work on all my cars before they became computerized and I've been in electronics for almost 40 years, so I figured I had a shot at finding out what was wrong. So I got my volt meter and got to work.

The battery read 12.45 volts, so that was fine, so it might be a fuse. I opened the fuse box and found the main power fuse for the car. It tested fine too. So it must be a a bad connection somewhere. Remember last Saturday when my car died? They replaced the battery, alternator, etc. There was only one thing that could be wrong then! I checked the battery terminal connections and the negative battery cable was loose. I moved it around, back and forth a few times and popped the trunk with the remote. SUCCESS!!

I went back inside the house, got a wrench and tightened the bolt on the battery. It really was quite loose. The girl that worked on my car just forgot to tighten it. No foul, no harm! Even I made a mistake once. That was the time I thought I was wrong, but I really wasn't. ;-)


Tara Tainton said...

Car problems are the absolute worst. We missed a planned trip to meet up with a group of nudists a couple months ago because the "check engine soon" light came on in the car just as we were all packed up and headed down the highway! :( I'm still bummed about that... and the light mysteriously went off on its own after a few days before we could make ourselves take the car in to find out what the damage was. :)

You should just fly out to Vegas for a bit of a break... you don't need your car out here. ;) And I hear the women are already topless at the casino pools on the strip! C's already scoped them out...


Patti said...

Ahh you are lucky you were smart enough to figure that out! I hate car problems!

Blondie... said...

Car and truck problems drive me nuts! However, I did learn to drive a standard this weekend...and that was a problem to my automatic brain.
I am ever glad that it was only a loose connection and nothing terrible.