Monday, March 31, 2008


Who'd a thunk it that my car problems over the weekend could be so expensive? It was $87 for a new battery (dead cell), $210 for the alternator, $70 for the serpentine belt (that was shot and about ready to go), $90 for one hours labor (saved me money there because I'm sure they spent more than an hour working on my car), the inspection had expired, so that was another $37.50 and let's not forget the 8.625% sales tax, for a grand total of about $520! Oh yea, the cab ride home Saturday night was $43, so I'm up to about $570!

Hey, it's only money, right! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-(

The good news was that the owner of the shop sent one of his guys over to pick me up this afternoon to save me the cab fare back the 30 miles to his shop. So if you live anywhere near Centereach here on Long Island, go to Monro Muffler, Brakes and Service on Rt 25. They are a bunch of great guys.


FYI, I've been riding around with my engine service warning light on for a couple of months. It was off and on, so just thought it was some sort of emissions thing. But, no, it was a warning that my alternator was failing. So learn from my experience and if your comes on get your car checked. It could save you from an experience like mine.


lime said...

holy crap indeed!

TUG said...

Anytime you get a check engine light, take the vehicle to the local Autozone, Checkers, Pep Boys, etc and they'll read the code for free.

At least your belt didn't break on you. That could have really messed up your engine. I wish I was around there. I could have saved you about half that amount by doing it for you.

BTExpress said...

Tug - I wish you were around here too. I used to fix my own cars, but no longer. I'm at the mercy of the repair shops now.

S said...

An ounce at a time in ONE hookah? WHoa Tony! That would be an expensive party these days!

I am glad you got your car all taken care of, and why didnt you take the train?

gab said...

mines been on almost since the day I bought it :(
Guess I best take it in soon right?

Kittie Kate said...

That's pretty good. Here, they'd probably charge you a thousand for all that, and they won't give you a ride either.

That's good service.

jillie said...

Like I've suck! Gimme a horse and!!!

Irish Earth Goddess said...

But you're safe, you do have the resources to pay the bill, and you DID both get to drink on your night out, right?

Hey, forgive me, I'm a silver lining kinda gal. ;-P