Thursday, March 20, 2008

Basement Cleaning HNT

Last July I decided to it was time to clean out my basement. I even made a before video of what it looked like. (It's 10 minutes, so skip ahead if you don't want to see the before.)

I procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated, but I finally did it. Well, about 90% did it.

Lori and I met some friends that couldn't wait to get down into my basement and dig through over 30 years worth of crap treasures. I told them I got first dibs on what was down there, then Lori and then they could fight over the rest. They agreed, so last Saturday Anne Marie, Bill and Maggie came over to help Lori and me get the basement back in shape. Well, 90% back in shape.

Around noon the cleaning crew pulled up in front of the house.

They got the first look at what they had gotten themselves in for.

Then a look to the left for this view.

And then they turned the corner and got a look at this.

And then this.

If it wasn't for the refrigerator full of beer and the gin, they might have been scared away.

Hell, if it wasn't for this view all day I might have even considered abandoning the project.

3 1/2 hours later we'd finished and this is what the basement looked like.

Bill did most of the lugging the stuff no one wanted out to the street for the trash and the garbage scavengers that come around the neighborhood the night before the garbage is picked up.

This is another view of the trash.

This is the stuff we are going to take to Goodwill.

This is the stuff Lori and I wanted and stuff my son might want, but still has to look through.

This is the stuff my helpers wanted. They all worked so hard, so it was my pleasure to share my crap treasures with them.

The stuff on the right and left, I'm keeping or have to go through. The pile of boxes in the center goes out for recycle next Wednesday.

This is what the finished side of the basement looked like. I can finally walk through it and get to my tread mill. My nutricionist will be happy to hear that.

Lori took all these pictures and of course she caught me in an uncompromising position.

I was fooling around and put on the cup I used when I played ice hockey in the 70s.

Is this what you want you horn dog? Is this what you want? Well, here it is!

Happy Basement Cleaning HNT!


barman said...

You sly dog you. Was that a blow up doll I saw on the shelf there?

I just had to toss that in. Of course I was just making that up. You know at first it did not look to bad but when you rounded the corner... I think you must have come over to my basement.

Good young Lori keeps focused on the important stuff. But Tony, I think that cup goes on the inside.

Great tour and nice HNT.

Z Mascota said...

LMAO what the hell IS that thing? Good job on the cleaning!

rob said...

I remember your decision last July. Nice to know I'm not the only procrastinator.


Anonymous said...

At least you had help!!! Great series of pics, I'll bet it's great now!!

S said...

LOL OK I am just interested in that checkered tile floor. That looks quite retro and quite amazing and I'll even bet it's asbestos so dont ever remove it......

Is it black and white? Or tan and beige or what?
Drool drool (I am weird I know!)

lime said...


after that long, unpleasant job i bet you had a good stiff......drink. ;)

Kittie Kate said...

2 places I don't like to go - the basement and the attic. You send the stupid people there and let the zombie eat them as you get out of the house! It would be like "see ya!"

Funny pics!

Happy HNT!

I Smile 2 Much said...

LOL ---

omigosh- TOO FUNNY that is!!

luv it!!! ; ) made my day!!

happy hnt 2 u!! ; )

TUG said...

I can't believe you actually cleaned it out. You're supposed to leave stuff like that for your son so one day he can curse at you while you smile from above!

Sexy Duet said...

You managed to make cleaning look like fun, that is some job!

Happy HNT


Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!

BTExpress said...

Barman - There is blow up doll down there, but it's in a bag, so you can't see it. I got it as a gag for my 40th birthday and call her Sally. ;-)

Mascota - I'm assuming you mean what I'm holding in the last pic. That's a cup. I wore it to protect my junk when I played ice hockey. It came in handy more time than I care to remember.

Rob - I've learned there are many more than us two out there.

Bad Girl - Your not kidding! That would have taken days without the help.

S - The floor is tan and brown. It probably was installed in the 50s. The house was built in 1953. It's in great shape, so I will probably just leave it and clean it up.

Lime - We had many stiff drinks. That and all the beer we drank while cleaning.

Kate - My ghosts are friendly, so I don't worry. Lori swears my house has at least one ghost.

Smile - Thanks. :-)

Tug - I know, but I was pressured into cleaning out the basement. They want me to clean out the attic next. :-(

Ms SD - It was fun, especially when that girls top kept falling down exposing her 36DDs. :-P

NaughtyLover - Thank's :-)

Bunny said...

Perhaps you can start a new trend - like when Madonna wore her undies on the outside!


SignGurl said...

Strangely, I'd like to knock on that cup. *knock, knock*

I'm proud of you for getting through all your treasures. I know it takes a lot of mental encouragement.

Stealth said...

LMAO @ the last pic!!

Patti said...

Tony even you can make cleaning out the basement a fun and erotic adventure!

Sis B said...

ha! i was wrong in my comment to lime this morning, that i thought she was one of the last "original" HNTer's. yours definitely make me laugh and brighten my day, you dirty old coot (bless yer heart!) you might be one of the last of the first HNTers!

Mariposa said...

You crack me up! HHNT!

Samantha Alice said...

WHat a fun, productive day! Happy HNT! You make me wanna clean out my boxes under my bed... I better go lie down on our new recliner until I feel more like myself. ;-D

Tara Tainton said...

What is it?!?!? ewwwww