Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brian's Broken Collar Bone

As most of you know, last Wednesday my son was playing hockey and was hit by a puck that broke his collar bone. Today he saw the orthopedist. They took an x ray to compare the break to last weeks x ray and yep, it's still broken. LOL Actually it still looks the same, but he's moving his arm more and without too much pain. Now he just has to wait until it heals on it's own. He'll probably be in the sling for 4 more weeks and 12 weeks total until it's completely healed. Then he'll have to have therapy on the shoulder, but will be back to normal after that.

no boobie pic yet :-(


lime said...

did they set the collarbone though? i mean my word those bones were all out of whack!

Patti said...

Poor Brian. My sis broke her collarbone in a fall from a swing when we were kids. Ouch!

gab said...

Well I thought of it but well Im shy

Sexy Duet said...

At least he isnt in too much pain now, hope he heals quickly.