Monday, November 05, 2007

My Birthday Weekend

Thanks for those that gave me birthday wishes. Especially Jillie, she called me Sunday to wish me. Thanks Jillie, that was very sweet. I am underwhelmed by the response for my request for birthday boobie pictures. Cause I didn't get any! See if I send you gals pictures of my junk on your birthday! :-(

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! I just received some very special birthday pics from a beautiful woman. True works of art. Thanks!

Now to my weekend.

Friday I made pizza for dinner. I was going to get take out, but decided to make it instead. I made it with mushrooms, black olives and caramelized onions. I sauteed a sweet onion and a red onion for about 30 minutes in a little EVOO. They came out sweet just like they were supposed to. Things is, I am more of the raw onion type, so I didn't really care for the taste very much.

Lori helped much like she always does.

Give a horn dog a camera and you can be certain they'll be pictures like this.

She did the clean up for me. :-)

Then we retired to the boudoir to relax, watch a little TV and check out some web sites.

I booted up my lap top and got the fright of my life, a test screen the computer was doing on it's own. I have no idea what it was, but the computer seemed to pass everything, so maybe it's okay.

We had a few drinks, got in a little snuggling and fell asleep about midnight.

Saturday we were going to go out shopping, but the weather was terrible. It was rainy with winds of about 25mph. We decided to put the Nudest Rules in effect and just hung out in bed for most of the day until dinner time. I cooked again and made a chicken & steak stir fry with peanut sauce with lots of onion and a red and green pepper. I served it over brown rice. Brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook versus 25 minutes for white, but tastes a whole lot better and because of the extra fiber, it helps you crap.

After Lori cleaned up from dinner, we retired to the boudoir to relax and watch a little TV. Before we knew it, midnight was fast approaching and the countdown until I officially turned another year older started.




But Lori knew just how to make it all better. :-P

By 12:26am a sudden sense of contentment over came me and all was right with the world.


I slept pretty well until Lori woke me at the 59th anniversary of my birth minute, 8:51am. Woke me in that special way all of us would like to be awakened. With someones head between our legs. Damn, twice in a few hours! It really was a great start to a birthday!

I fell back to sleep until Lori finally woke me with a hot cup of coffee at 11:50am. Not long after that she brought me breakfast in bed; toast, eggs, sausage and slice orange.

This is a breakfast Lori used to make for her kids to get them to eat eggs. She melted some butter in a frying pan and toasted the bread in the pan. Then she took out the toasted bread and then cut a hole in each slice with a glass. She put the toast back in the pan and cracked and egg into the hole.

It was really a novel, but very tasty way to serve toast and eggs. Try it, I promise you'll like it.

Soon it was time for my gifts from Lori.

The card was a musical card. It played 'Sugar Pie Honey' by the Temptations. I loved it!

I also got coconut custard pie, which one of the very few deserts I like. Most deserts are just too sweet for me.

We ate a little after dinner. In bed, two spoons and no crust, just filling. Why fill up on crust is my motto!

She also gave some VERY useful coupon books. One was for romantic things for her to do for me and two were for naughty things.

This is one of my favorites.

I'll be sure to use a bunch when we're in Las Vegas next weekend. Hmmm, I wonder if Tara takes coupons? ;-)

Then the most thoughtful gift, a lamp.

WTF! A lamp you say? Why would she give me a lamp you ask?

For a very good reason.

Years ago Barbara and I went away for the weekend on our boat. Brian didn't want to come that weekend so he stayed home. He was probably around 18 at the time, so that wasn't a problem.

We got home Sunday afternoon like we usually did, Brian met us at the door, which was very unusual. When I walked in, I saw one of the lamps in the living room in pieces over in the corner. He said it was an accident that remains a mystery to this day. The other lamp has been in storage and now I can bring it out again.

Lori found it at the local Salvation Army Store. Thanks baby, this was very thoughtful.

Sunday night Lori took me to my favorite restaurant of all time, Mamma's Italian Restaurant in Oakdale. I've been going there for as long as I've lived in the area, over 30 years. I got my favorite, chicken marsalla. You can't beat the food and on Tuesdays and Wednesday you can get a complete meal for $10!


Chelle said...

Ohhhhhh what a nice birthday you had!!! (I love the "egg-in-a-hole" hehe) You got some great gifts! The lamp was VERY thoughtful and I am soooo sure you two will put those coupon books to very good use!! hehe

Happy Birthday (a little belated), Tony!!! :)

gab said...

Ohhh Lori you devil woman you!
Tony glad your birthday was better than expected!

TUG said...

awww, what a wonderful day. You are a lucky man!

I guess all that begging finally paid off, you dog :)

lime said...

it sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous birthday weekend in spite of the absence of boobie pics filling yoru email inbox!

lori sure knows how to treat a guy right doesn't she?

Monogram Queen said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday! I'm so glad Tony. Happy 59! They call that egg thing "eggs in a basket" around here!

Trojan said...

You just simply Rock....!!! Happy B-Day and glad SOMEONE is getting some. My B-Day is this month and maybe I will too:P

Shumpy said...

Happy Belated b-day TONY!

BTExpress said...

Chelle - I think the bondage one will be the first one I use. It does say I CAN DO ANYTHING! :-)

Gab - Thanks, Gab, Lori made it very special.

TUG - Yea dude. I got some excellent pics. Like I said, true works of art.

Lime - She sure does. I think I'll take her to Las Vegas this coming weekend as a reward. Want to fly out and join us?

Patty Cake - Is that what it's called? Thanks. I really liked it.

Trojan - Aw, thanks. I hope you get some very soon. But truthfully, I have no idea why your not getting it all the time, your a knock out!

cutie said...

Tony, you always make me laugh. Happy Birthday you 'old' scoundrel, you!!

much love,


Lurker said...

Happy belated b-day! You and Lori are so damn cute. I'm glad you had a great day and someone special to make it special. OH and I LOVE eggs in a hole!