Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Found Money!

I just got a property tax rebate check from the state for $640.28. That will pay for a lot of debauchery and sinful pleasures in Las Vegas this weekend.

Now my property taxes are only $7,241.36 a year. They would be $9,721.50 a year if I didn't have the Star and Veterans exemptions.

Then tack on my state income tax of about 7%, the state sales tax of 4% and the other local sales taxes of 4.625% in my area. Then there is the federal income tax that we all get hit with, which is somewhere in the vicinity of 30%.

I know there are higher taxes elsewhere in this country, but THAT'S A LOT OF FUCKING TAXES!

But, there is a bright side. (I always try to find a bright side to every situation) I did get the rebate check and I'm retired so I don't have to pay Medicare or Social Security taxes anymore .

If your interested, here's a copy of my property tax bill. Click on it, it gets bigger.


SignGurl said...

That's a lot of taxes! Have an awesome time in Vegas. Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;)

patti_cake said...

Believe me taxes are worse lots of other places. I love how you try to look on the bright side (we all should) and I love rebate checks!