Friday, November 23, 2007

I went to Lori's for Thanksgiving

Lori 's parents came down on Tuesday from Rhode Island to spend the week visiting. Like last year, my son went to his girl friend's and I went to mine (my girl friend is Lori if you were wondering).

I asked her if she wanted me to bring something, because I wanted to share show off my culinary skills to her family. I've developed into quite a cook if I do say so myself. Except for baking. I don't eat desert, so I never bothered to learn to bake. That was proven last year when I tried to make a pie and screwed up the ingredients. If I remember correctly, I left out the sugar.

At first she said she didn't want me to make anything, but then a couple of days later, she said she changed her mind. She told me she found a recipe for something she wanted me to make. Now of all the things she could have asked me to prepare, what do you think it would be? It could have been anything; stuffing, any of the side dishes or even the turkey.

So what do you think she asked me to make? I'll give you one guess.

So, did you guess it correctly? Of course you did!

Yep a desert, a baked desert. Did I tell you I don't bake and that I never learned, because I don't eat desert? No, not just any old baked desert, but a frigging "Tropical Pumpkin Pie". Did I tell you I don't bake and that I never learned, because I don't eat desert?

Of course I said yes, because I'm the man and I'm good that way.

She emailed me the recipe and I read it. Basically a Tropical Pumpkin Pie is a pumpkin pie with flaked coconut mixed in with the pumpkin filling and spices. Crushed pineapple is spread on top of that and then that is covered with toasted coconut. Here's my pies, all three of them.

Why are there three and why is the crust so dark you ask? Did I tell you I don't bake and that I never learned, because I don't eat desert? Well, since I was making attempting one for Lori, I'd make one so my son could take one to his girlfriends house. I mean how hard can doubling the ingredients be, right?

Now you ask, if I just doubled the ingredients, why are there three pies and not just two. Well, I tell you. I have no frigging clue! I measured all of the ingredients VERY carefully and even leveled off the measuring cups and measuring spoon with a knife. I followed the directions precisely and double checked as I went along. I made sure I even bought 9-inch pie crusts like they said. Good thing there were three in a pack or I'd have tossed a lot of filling. I just have no idea what I'm going to do with three pies. Did I tell you I don't eat desert?

I know the crust is way too dark, so next time I'll cover the edge with aluminum foil like they suggested. Did you know I don't always take suggestions?

When my son got home he immediately wanted to know what smelled so good, so I showed him. He took a double take and then asked me why I made all those pies. I explained that Lori asked me to make it and that I was taking one to her house and I'd made extra so he could take one to his girl friends.

Before he answered, he saw the small dish of filling cooling on the rack that I'd made for a taste test after they were done and he asked to taste it. He got a spoon, tasted it and HE LOVED IT! He cleaned the dish. I thought it was pretty darn good myself. :-)

I felt a lot better now. Even with the dark crust, I'm sure it would be a hit, especially with the crushed pineapple and toasted coconut on top.

Oh yea, did you know they don't sell toasted coconut? I had to toast my own. That was a first too, but even that came out good. :-)

To make a long story just a bit longer, my pie was a big hit. And you know what? I might just do a little baking now that my second attempt at pie making came out pretty darn good?


Tara Tainton said...

Mmmmm, I LOVE coconut! Kudos to you for baking when it's not your thing (how in the hell can you not have a sweet tooth though?!?!). Baking's where I got my cooking start as a kid... Mom was HORRID at it and messed up one too many birthday cakes in major ways, so I took over before I was even a teen. ;)

I'd eat your "pie" any day, BT. ;)


Anonymous said...

Next avoid burned crusts AND save a lot of time and effort...Buy a already cooked pumpkin pie THEN add the tropical top. I Bet it tastes just as good as the home made version! Jan

BTExpress said...

Tara - I really never was a big sweets eater, even as a child. I did eat my share, but not as much as many kids I knew. Now I can take it or leave it. I did have one piece of my pie, but it had too much sugar for me. One cup in a 9" pie is too much for me.

I'll have a "pie" for you the next time we're in Vegas. ;-)

Jan - That might work, but a cup of coconut flakes are mixed into the filling before baking the pie. Thanks for the suggestion though.

lime said...

glad to hear the pies came out good tasting even if the crust was a little dark.

hope yo uguys had a really wonderful thanksgiving.

oh and part 4 video....funny! can't wait for part 5!

BTExpress said...

Lime - The bottom crust was done just right. It was just the edge that showed. Next time I'll cover the edge with aluminum foil so that doesn't happen.

Glad you liked the video, thanks. :-)

gab said...

Wtg Tony.
See Lori just knew you could do it.

Sandi said...

That looks yummy! :) I am gonna have to try that sometime.

BTExpress said...

The pie was really good and got rave reviews at both houses. Lori's father ate the burnt crust and never even touched his wife plain pumpkin pie. I suppose that says a lot for the recipe.

SM said...

That sounds really good! You'll have to post the recipe!

Tommy said...

Hey Tony! I though you didn't eat sweets and never learned how to bake because of that. At least I think I heard that somewhere ... I'm trying to figure out where. I think you just gave me the perfect pie recipe to ensure than me and my wife get some. You see, son #1 doesn't like coconut and son #2 doesn't like pumpkin. LOL. I'll let you know how MINE turns out. Glad your Thanksgiving was a happy one. Laters!

MizMouthy said...

This post is hilarious and that pie looks freaking delicious!!!

I am fully drooling thinking about all that coconut and pumpkin... yummo!

Congrats on a job well done!
Now gimme that recipe! LOL

patti_cake said...

I just cannot for the life of me comprehend not liking desert! It's downright unamerican! LOL

I always measure carefully and yet always have too much filling for my pies Always. You are jack-of-all-trades Tony!

BTExpress said...

MizMouthy - I will trade you the recipe for you know what. :-)

It was really, really, really yummy pie and well worth whatever it costs for the recipe. :-)