Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Who Won This Last Debate?

I might give this one to Obama, but who knows, they both speak with forked tongue anyway. What do you think?

Politics aside, on to more important things.

Last Tuesday night I was approved for my variance, but as of Monday I still hadn't received the approval letter so I could get on with this project. I called town hall and was told that the board of appeals that approved my variance will sign off on it on Tuesday, one week later. It seems that only only meet once a week.

WTF!? I wish I'd have had a job like that!

HOPEFULLY I will have the approval letter by the end of the week. Then guess what? The permit process for my pool project starts over again. That's right kids, starts over again.


Monogram Queen said...

I started watching and then switched to reading.
Ah the official wheels grind oh-so-slowly don't they?

Anne Marie said...

like I said before I dont like any of them including the VP's Especially Palin!!! Dont like her at all!!!

Misses M said...

I watched the entire debate... it was pretty mellow! I was expecting it to be a bit more heated. I would call Obama the winner for this round. He seemed well prepared and comfortable... McCain seemed a bit off last night.

Libby said...

yeah, tony, i hate to admit it, but mccain was just not where he needed to be for the debate...but i still dont think there was anything on either side to get the undecided vote!

Mariposa said...

Hope you get all you needed to have for your pool soon!

TUG said...

They had a dude here spend 25k to begin installation of a pool and stuff in his front yard (the spendy part of town) and he was denied his variance! You would think he'd check on something so out of the norm before starting the project!