Thursday, February 01, 2007

Combo HNT

I still haven't gotten that haircut I talked about last week. You all know how much I HATE getting my haircut, so your probably not surprised.

So, where's the nekkidness you ask?

Don't worry, it's coming right up.

So for all you horn dogs, a picture of my, uh, uh, my man junk follows.


I WARNED YOU!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Sorry to disappoint you. I was going to post my junk in it's full glory, but got shy at the last minute and covered it up.

What can I say, I'm shy.

Besides, Lori may not approve.

But if you really want to see my stuff, ask Lori.

My junk is now her's to do with as she wishes now, so if she say it's okay with her, you got it!

Happy HNT Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandi said...

Damn.. I will admit that I clicked that pic hoping that the censored sign would fall off! LOL..


Anonymous said...

That is awesome, leave em wanting more!

Happy HNT

BTExpress said...

Sandi! :-O What kind of guy do you think I am? Wait! Don't answer that. ;-)

Anonymous said...

:) Haircut? You don't need no stinkin' hair cut!!!

It's just now getting to that "fashionable" length :D

We're both sporting hair themes this week sweetie!!!


Hollz said...

You tease!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next week will you have your hair cut??


Ag said...

Awww darn


Anonymous said...

Lol... you are such a tease! Happy HNT!

Sexy Duet said...

I will check back next week for the haircut...and the rest ;)
Happy HNT


Anonymous said...

i hate getting haircuts too.

HHNt you sly thing

Anonymous said...

That's a huge......CENSOR you got there!


Anonymous said...

Yep, that is a big sign you have...

Anonymous said...

I think they call that a
....tease ;)


Anonymous said...

You're such a tease Tony....LOL

HHNT to ya!

Monogram Queen said...

LMAO at Sandi! I think I heart her!
HHNT Tony!
P.S. You have GORGEOUS hair! Just begs to have fingers run through it

Anonymous said...

tony-don't get your hair cut yet! it's looking good! besides, isn't that what 'retirement' is all about? do what you want, when you want!!

Anonymous said...

Hella - Thanks

Becca - I like my hair longer, just don't like it getting in my eyes, which it's doing.

Hollz - Not sure, but probably not.

Ag - lol

Cosima - Ya, aren't I? ;-)

Ms SD - K, looking forward to it.

Lime - If my hair wasn't so easy to take of, I'd probably always keep it shorter. I never even combed it in the picture and it just falls into place by itself.

Signgurl - :-) That's what Lori tells me too.

No One - :-)

MG - Uh, yep. :-)

Jillie - Aren't I though. :-)

Patti Cake - Thank you.

Libby - You are right! The heck with it! I think I'll even give up showers and brushing my teeth too! ;-)

Anonymous said...

YEP, it's a huge censor you have and it's all mine! HHNT Baby

SeaRabbit said...

I love long white hair on a man... For a long part of my teenage, I had a very 'romantic' one way kind of affair with a man who had his white hair shoulder lenght... I was maybe 14-15... I was seeing him in the park I had to cross to go to the library, what was 2-3 times a week... There was nothing really 'exciting' about my feelings at that time... I use to look at him with a kind of admiration, I invented him a life of adventures and passions... He was probably already in his 70's at that time... and he had that kind of presence that I rarely felt... A real beautiful man... Maybe without those long hair, I wouldn't have notice him at all, just another old folk... His hair was giving him an aura of mystery that my young imagination was thrilled about... Maybe because of that Woodstock culture I was already identifying myself to, but that my grand dad didn't have any idea about... ;-)
ust my opinion... ;-))