Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Proposal to Lori

Chef Bill arrived at 2:00 to start prepping for dinner.
I set the table, then lite the candles right before Lori got home. A framed menu is on the right.
This is the menu.
This is the drink menu I had up. It uses Lori favorite liquor, triple espresso vodka.
Lori read the drink menu and choose a 'Money Shot". I made it for her then sat down.

I made a toast to her birthday.

Chef Bill served the wine and then the first course, a shrimp cocktail with home made cocktail sauce and fresh horse radish.
The second course was a salad of mixed green with a lot of other goodies.

While Chef Bill was serving desert, I gave Lori her gifts. Lori wanted to wait for Chef Bill to leave, but I told her I wanted him to take pictures of her opening them. The desert was a delicious warm, fresh peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream. She pulled out tissue paper from the gift bag and then a scratch off lotto ticket. She continued pulling out more and more until she got down to the bottom of the bag, then stopped and stared at the bottom of the bag. She reached in and pulled out a little jewelry box.  I reached over, took it from her hand.

I got down on one knee, opened the box to show her an engagement ring, then asked her to marry me.
SHE SAID YES! So I took the ring out of the boxes, slipped it on her finger then gave her a bug hug and a kiss.

It was time for Chef Bill to leave, so we got up thanked him and sent him on his merry way. Then we finished desert and sat around until it got dark, so we could go skinny dipping in the pool.


Megan said...

Total spontaneous happy tears. I am so glad you found each other. Wishing you many more years of love and joy!

Joyce said...

Goose Bumps happening here...Such a great surprise and romantic, i give you a thumbs up......!!Congratulations too both of you!!

Osbasso said...

Of course, all this happens when I'm running around the PNW and didn't see it! Congrats guys!!

Damned good thing you got down on one knee, too!

Ashly Star said...

That was so sweet, brought a smile to my face. Congratulations again!

BTExpress said...

Thanks Ashly. :-)