Monday, August 06, 2012

How I made the proposal romantic, memorable and a surprise.

Back in January, Lori and I decided that after being together for almost six years, we wouldn't commit to marriage, but we'd get an engagement ring just in case I ever decided to ask her.  She offered to provide her great aunts diamond, if I bought the ring.  I was getting the better of the deal, so agreed.

We went to a jewelry store I trust and have used numerous times before.  He measured the diamond and estimated it's value.  (I sure getting the better end of this deal.)  We looked at a lot of rings and finally settled on the one you see in the picture. (See the last post)  I left a deposit and the jeweler told me I could pick the ring up in about a week.

On the way home, Lori told me that she didn't want to know when I went back to pick up the ring and that "if" I ever asked her to marry me, all she asks in that it was romantic.  Then explained how her ex husband had proposed to her.

One day right after Christmas he asked Lori how much her medicine was each month, so she gave him an answer.  He's reply was, "I guess I can afford that so will you marry me?"  She made him wait until the new year before telling him she would.

I figured topping that proposal wouldn't be too difficult, but just topping his crappy proposal wasn't want I wanted.  I wanted to top it by a mile and make it a romantic, memorable propose and make it a surprise.  making it a surprise also included not proposing and at obvious time like the anniversary of out first date or the week her brother's family was here visiting.

I had no idea how I would do that, so I did what I always do when I need an answer or a suggestion, I Googled "romantic proposals".  I didn't really like any of the results.  Then one day in April I saw an article on a local web site about a personal chef, that does among other things, prepares meals in your home for any occasion.  I checked into a few local personal chef and decided to contact two.  One I discounted because He specialize in Italian food.  There are a ton of excellent Italian restaurants around here I could take her too.

The second one, Chef Bill had a web site with sample menus and I liked his selections, so I contacted him on May 2nd.  I confirmed that he could prepare a meal in my home, so I decided that is what I do for my proposal.  I told him that my kitchen was being remodeled and would contact him when it was ready.

On July 12th I contacted Chef Bill again and we set up a date for him to come over so we could discuss what I wanted in detail.  We spent about an hour going over things and settled on most of the menu.  A few more email were exchanged and we agreed that he would come over at 2:00 pm on Lori's birthday to start preparing the meal.


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