Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This year I'll get dressed up for Halloween.



Osbasso said...

That would send me screaming away if you came to the door like that! ;-)

shibari said...

Awww T I adore you .. I totally love the costume :)
xoxo Shibi

13messages said...

You handsome devil. :)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Is that slops and socks???

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAH! Socks and sandals!! OMG!

Haha... great photo.

LGS xxx

BTExpress said...

Os - One year I wore one of my son's horror masks and that's exactly what happened a couple of time. Best Halloween ever.

Shibari - Thanks love, but that no costume, that's how I always look when I dress up. ;-)

13 - Thank you. :-)

Scots Lass - If you mean sandals & socks, then yes. My feet get cold. ;-)

Lady - I'm know here for wearing socks at questionable times. :-)

SB said...

you know what they say about nerds right?!! they are the best in bed ;)

BTExpress said...

SB - I agree 100%. I think it's because we are grateful to be getting some, so we put extra effort in showing our appreciation. Which of course means she reciprocates.

Tigress said...

Look at you CUTIE!!!!


M said...

I hear "geek chic" is in right now... I had no idea you were so high fashion!