Thursday, April 01, 2010

Gormet Pizza HNT

Fridays is 'Pizza Night' at my place. I was tired of making the usual, so I made one I never made before, a "bacon, chicken & ranch" pizza. Here's how I did it.

Pre-bake a fresh whole wheat crust for 8-minutes at 450F. While the crust bakes, fry up one-pound of your favorite bacon, then crush it into something resembling bacon bits, yes, one-pound of bacon.

Next chop up an entire bunch of green onions, yes, an entire bunch.

What's the matter? You don't like onions & bacon?

Now the decision part.

You'll need some chicken. There are a bunch of options, but I chose to open a can of chicken and use that. You can bake a chicken and use some of that, or grill some chicken or even saute some diced chicken, but I took the lazy way out and used canned.

When the pizza crust is done baking and all the decisions are made, pour the ranch dressing on the crust. Use as much as you want, but not enough to make the crust soggy.

In my house that's 1/2 of the bottle of Ranch dressing.

Hey! I like ranch dressing.

Then dump on the rest of the ingredients; bacon, chicken, green onions and spread it out evenly.

Finally, dump on a 2-cup bag of your favorite shredded cheese, in this case, Monterey Jack cheese and spread it evenly.

Put the pie in the oven and bake it for about 6-8 minutes or until the cheese is evenly melted.


Start watching it after 6 minutes or you may be sorry and ov er cook the cheese. Nothing worse than brown cheese on a pizza.

After all this, you have one of the best pizzas you'll ever eat.

Presenting my first
'Bacon, Chicken, Ranch Pizza'.

It was VERY GOOD and one of the best I've ever eaten.
Hey, everything is better with bacon?



Come to my pool party on August 7th and you might be lucky enough to taste some of the tasty treats I have planned.

Os will there, so don't disappoint us by not showing up.


Vixen said...

Well minus the bacon and chicken....sounds like a pretty good pizza! ;)

BTExpress said...

I normally don't eat bacon, eat a lot of chicken. I was out voted on the bacon by Lori and my son. That's why I used an entire pound.

Shumpy said...

well, I think minus the onions it sounds awesome. Either way, I'm thinking once Mol is better we're gonna have to HNT our own pizza.

BTExpress said...

I love onions & so does Lori, thank goodness.

Lil Bit said...

Damn, you make a pizza look good. I wanna slice! ;)