Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day HNT

A little over 41 years ago I was drafted into the United States Army, so that qualified me to get this free meal from Applebees today!

A Fire Pit bacon Burger topped with pepper-Jack cheese and Applewood smoked bacon on a toasted bakery bun smothered with a smoky chipotle spread. That sucker was delicious!!!!!

To make today extra special, I wore my army issued, 40-year old, OD green, army issued socks. How do they look?


Check out the story post below and then click on the link to read my other blog with some of my stories about that time of my life.


SIMPLY ME said...

they look great on your sexy legs baby. Glad you enjoyed your free dinner and Happy Veteran's Day to my Veteran!

Osbasso said...

I'm just glad you didn't try to squeeze into the rest of the uniform!

TUG said...

I can't believe Os didn't make a comment about that beer. I know he is jealous!

BTExpress said...

Thanks baby. The company made it all the more special.

Os - I was an extra small back then, so I didn't even bother to try.

Tug - Me too.

Tamara said...

THIS is the coolest blog-fave I've read today!!!
Can I borrow those socks?

S said...

I cant even fit into my dads old navy pea coat! He was a 98 pound sailor.

So glad you enjoyed your special free dinner and thanks for serving.
Goodness knows, we know all about your schrapnel! :P

Q said...

I think you should only wear those socks on Sundays from now on...they are lookin' pretty holy!

BTExpress said...

They are 40 years old, so they have an excuse. Like all old people, we have defects, but that doesn't mean we aren't useful.

Lil Bit said...

Oh cool! ... I saw the advertisement on the local Applebee's billboard to do that for Vets. So glad to see someone I knew took 'em up on it. AWESOME!

I have some of those socks, too! I'm not even sure where I got them, I've had them so long (and they look a helluva lot worse than yours.)
Damn, I shoulda worn 'em for Vet's Day, but I've behind on some stuff lately. Grr.

Happy Belated HNT. Sheesh, it'll be time for ANOTHER one, just tomorrow. lol ;)