Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rerun HNT - July 12, 2007

The other day I took a quiz on Facebook to find out if I'd make a good Porn Star or Stripper or Model. The results were stripper. For those of you that may question my expertise, want a good laugh or have a fetish for old fat guys, keep reading.


A long time ago, when I was just a sexy spring chicken, I performed a spur of the moment strip tease for Lori. She recorded it on video and I posted it on my old blog and on YouTube.

Judging by the 28 comments the blog readers left, they enjoyed it and got a good laugh. The reaction on YouTube was slightly different and it got over 5,000 hits from mostly men and some women that are into fat guys. At first I thought it was a little creepy being lusted after like that, but then figured what the hell. They think I'm hot and took it as a compliment.

Here are some of the comments I received.

Jerseysson27 - Got any old business suits (i.e. Jacket, tie, buttoned down shirts, undies, etc.), that you can do a rip-strip to, next?

garysouza - A very SEXY video!!!! Please do more!!!!! wearing white briefs.

luv4u269 - Very Sexxyyyy!!!

mexfanbear - hooooooooooooooooottttt¡¡¡¡¡¡ do more videos like this please

missanime00 - Sexy for an old gramps.

migturrodrgz - wow very sexy silver daddy, good job stripper!!!!
i would like see more videos stripper, you're so sexy. lack the song; i'm too sexy - right said fred.

So at migturrodrgz's request, I added the song "I'm Too Sexy" to the video, but don't think I posted it here. So without further ado, here's the musical version of a sexy 58 year old fat guy stripping.

Note: I blurred out my naughty bits, but there's a lot of man ass.



SIMPLY ME said...

As sexy and funny now as it was 2 years ago! Happy Rerun HNT babycakes!

BTExpress said...

Thanks baby.

SIMPLY ME said...

after watching this again...I thank YOU!

jillie said...

You are SUCH a tease! I love it!!!!!!

Ashly Star said...

2:45 to 2:52 cracked me up the most. Y'all are too fun. =x Happy rerun!

Vixen said...


Libby said...

VERY GOOD!! now i need to tell you...i'm a 75 year old guy..;-)!

TUG said...

LOL...that was hilarious. I love the look on your face at the beginning.

Sweet Elle Next Door said...

hahahahaha! Okay that was hilarious!

Sir Patrick's Lady said...

Loved it...lol... nice show.

His Lady

bookbinder said...

Thanks y'all. I hoped you'd enjoy it.