Thursday, September 24, 2009

Front Yard Remodeling HNT

Y'all know I've been remodeling my back yard for frigging ever. So why stop at just the back yard? Why not just get it all the hell over with and finish the outside once and for all? There have been big changes.

Here's the Old Homestead in 2005. Kind of over grown, don't you think?

That was the year my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer and I just didn't really care what it looked like.

Then I was stalked my the love of my life and my clone, Lori until I asked her out in March 2006. We met, fell in love and the rest is history.

We spent a lot of time fixing up the front yard and back yard. The front turned out like this.

It looked respectable at the time, but after remodeling the rest of my yard this year and seeing how good the place could look, this just wasn't going to cut it. I decided that once the back was finished, I'd get the front done too.

No, it's not finished yet. They still have more shrubs to plant, the sod needs to be laid, I need new blacktop for the driveway and a couple of new outside lights installed.

So what do you think so far?


You want a closer look. Okay, here.

Not so fast!

I'll show a better shot when they finish.

Some how it's just not right to show you my front yard half nekkid.


I'm so frigging excited! Jillie and her significant other Robert are coming here for a visit next week all the way from San Diego. So in their honor, I'm getting the place cleaned again by my new cleaning hotties. I mean cleaning ladies.


gab said...

looking good. I wanna come out there to visit...before the pool party. But right now Im shooting for the pool party. Ive got the silver jar half full. and its not a small jar by any means. Its a gallon jar.

TUG said...

That was pretty creative. It is looking good. Imagine what it'll look like in the spring when everything is fresh and green!

Monogram Queen said...

Hooray for remodeling and HN yards

S said...

OMG im getting so excited about your party!

The house is looking swell.


Libby said...

yay, get it down to bare bones, and start all over from the beginning! and make sure your cleaning wenches clean before they swim & loaf!!

BTExpress said...

I'm excited too S! I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, most of which will be actually meeting each other for the first time.

BTExpress said...

I will Libby. Lori will be here, so I'll get her to take pictures of them cleaning. She can get away with murder taking pictures.

Lil Bit said...

Ooooooooooo! That's so exciting! I can. not. wait. to see the finished manscaping.

Wait, I meant landscaping. LOL ;)