Friday, May 22, 2009

My Outdoor Project is Going to Be Famous!

Techo-Bloc, the paver manufacturer, asked if they could take pictures of the project for their catalog and advertising when I'm done. I told the contractor, "Only if I can get a break on the price." He called me back yesterday to tell me they agreed and will give me $2,000 off. Now the stone will only cost me $8,200. Only??? Ya, right. Still, excellent news.

This is what I picked out.

The inspector came this morning to look at the retaining wall. He said he knocked on the door, but almost left when I didn't answer the door. RING THE FRIGGING DOOR BELL!!!!! THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE MADE FOR!!!!!

The owner of the company doing the work, Dennis, was in the back instructing the workman what he wanted done today when the inspector came. The whole inspection process is bull shit. They inspector barely checks anything and both time, only in one spot, the same spot. How does he know that the rest of the work is to code if he doesn't at least walk around the project. He also questioned how close the wall is to the property line. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO ASK THAT QUESTION! BESIDES, I ALREADY WENT OVER THAT WITH YOU ON YOUR FIRST TRIP! I gave him another copy of the survey to comfort him. HE DUDE! THERE ARE MULTIPLE COPIES IN MY FILE. DID YOU THINK TO LOOK THERE? Anyway, he gave the approval to proceed.


jillie said...

Lookin good!!! Can't wait to see the finished product...wooohooooo

gab said...

yep they are pains in the butts.
cant wait to see the end results

Libby said...

that looks great! now, can i have my pay for the 'inspection'?...
smart of you to ask for a reduction in your price, for the pix!! a lot of people might not have thought to!!

Libby said...

hey, tony, in case i don't get here tomorrow....thanks for your service! and have a wonderful memorial day weekend!!

S said...

Could it be any worse?
Oh yeah, Blithers idiotic builders!