Friday, May 01, 2009

I like Adrianne Curry more and more each day.

I've been following Adrianne Curry on MySpace for quite a while now. If you don't know her, she was the winner of season one on America's Top Mode, has a couple of nude spreads in Playboy and is married to Christopher Knight, one of the Brady Bunch kids. She's really a very funny, down to earth girl and posts on her MySpace blog pretty much daily.

I was encouraged to set up a Twitter account, so earlier this week I did. I saw a message exchange by Perez Hilton and Adrianne Curry, so I follow along. Perez posts message about Miss California USA and pointing out how shitty her boob job was.

Adrianne replies to Perez. “Yeah, they don't have the slope natural boobs do.”

I couldn’t resist, so jump in and reply to Adriane. “I agree, I've never seen a pair of fake boobs I liked.”

She replies to me with this. "I have. My doctor gave me the most natural boobs. I have women in the gym ask if they are real while I am walking around naked."

Of course I immediately Google her Playboy pictures to look for myself and then I reply with this. "I just looked at the Playboy pictures and they do look good. I've finally seen I've seen a pair I liked."

I know, I’m bad. LOL

I didn’t get a reply, so later I checked her Twitter page. She stopped Twittering four hours ago and my reply was the last message. She has a lot of celebrity Twitter friends that were probably wondering "Who the fuck is this Tony guy she's talking with about her boobs?”

My first cybersex celebrity chat. Okay, maybe not cybersex, but I’ll take it. LOL


Libby said...

oh, good job, tony! now how many degrees of separation do you have from fame (& fortune!)?

bookbinder said...

Uh, one? Her?

I think she only replied because she recognized my picture from Facebook. It's the same one I use on Twitter. I comment on her posts a lot and she often replies. I've also had some message chats with her mom on Facebook. They are really nice people.

Barbara said...

I had Daniel Baldwin on my Facebook for 2 weeks, we were in the same film but i never met him. I was removed shortly after 2 weeks...oh well. lol

lime said...

LOL, only you, my friend!

BTExpress said...

Trojan - I guess she hasn't gotten tired of me, because I suggested she not toss her see through panties in the trash and she replied. I guess my horn dog charm even works on celebrities. LOL

BTExpress said...

Lime - Yes, I am so proud. See above.

S said...

Well there you have it, your fifteen minutes of fame! :P

( o Y o )

Tamara said...

Hey that's cool! I love Twitter,btw.
Have you noticed how often Demi,Nichole Ritchie,MC Hammer,Mandy Moore,and lots of others Twitter back and forth? It's pretty cool seeing how they talk to each other about normal stuff like Nichole Ritchie asking Miley Cyress to come over and have coffee w/ her.
I'm also tamra747 on Twitter.I'm famous--->add me!LOL

jillie said...

Oh you're good Tony!! Wooohoooo...I know someone famous through you.

How is your yard coming along? I'll have to take a look at your photos on the previous post.

BTW...Maureen did get me on the pole but I have ALL of my clothes on...LOL

BTExpress said...

Tammi - It is pretty cool to see the celebrities acting all normal like us commoners. LOL

I'm follow you now.

Jillie - I "talked" to John Daly the golfer last night, so you know him now too. LOL

I know she'd get you on the pole, but did you at least wear shorts?

Lil Bit said...

LOL, too funny.
No link to a pic? -- I don't believe it. Fake books suck. lol

I haven't joined the Twitter rave yet (or FaceBook either for that matter).

TUG said...

They may look good, but I agree with you. There is no perfect fake boob job. You can always tell. Original is always better, regardless of the size. I wish some women would understand that and not let it bring down there self confidence.