Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In the last update, I had all the shrubbery removed. Check the before and after here. This time, I had everything else demoed.

Do I need a holly tree?

Nope, cut that sucker down.

Time to take out the stump, because I don't need no stinking stump or holly tree!

Do I need these hedges?

Or these hedges?

Or these?

What about these hedges?

Nope, I don't need no stinking hedges here!

Or here!

What about a deck?

Do I need a deck?

I don't need no stinking deck?

Retaining wall?

I don't need no stinking retaining wall.


Okay, maybe I need something.
How about a giant elevated patio and swimming pool area bigger than my entire frigging house?

Yes, I think I like that idea.
What about you?


jillie said...

That's a lot of work there Tony! Can't wait to see the finished project...


bookbinder said...

You betcha and bring all your girl friends. Just have the men drop the girls off out front and come back later to pick them up. Oh yea, clothing is optional!

Anne Marie said...

Does that mean Bill isnt invited?

bookbinder said...

I guess I can make an exception in his case.

Blither said...

I LOVE IT!!!! My pool is my favorite part of my house. I live in Vegas though- Moving from Seattle to the Sun was a big adjustment. Growing up swimming I needed to keep that aspect in the desert. Lake Mead is about 50 minutes from me. Kinda sucky. I am always wishing my pool was bigger. I didn't realize that the size of my pool was smaller when I first saw it I thought WOW.. Pool! Not thinking most had bigger pools. Hah. I'm still loving it though.

Cheers Tony!

bookbinder said...

I really do love my pool too. I finally have a pool heater and will get a lot more use out of it this year.

Our next trip to Vegas, lets get together. The last time we went we got together with Tara and her brother.

Libby said...

awesome, tony!! you'll love it!!

bookbinder said...

You mean the finished project, or all the chicks that will want to come over for FREE drinks and lounge around?

S said...

Wow that is going to be some project! What pool parties you shall have! Swimsuits optional, isn't it?

I cant wait to see the rest.

BTExpress said...

Bathing suits! We don't need no stinking bathing suits! I really want to have a Blogger get together here. I hope you can make the trip when I do.

lime said...

holy cow! you having a big party when it's all done? and i seriously never knew a holly bush could grow as big as a tree like that!

BTExpress said...

Yes lime, I really am having a open house pool party. I hope come. Your not too far, so I don't want to hear an excuse.

Lil Bit said...

WOW! -- That's some *serious* project you got going on there!

Are you gonna put up a privacy fence or something where all of the shrubs and stuff used to be?

When's the party? ;)

TUG said...

I knew you were doing a bunch of stuff around the house, but I didn't realize it was THAT much stuff!