Thursday, April 09, 2009


You better sit down for this one.

You sitting?


I did actual physical labor, aka, work.

Ya, I know your shocked, but even I am capable of physical labor. I try not to make it a habit, but my baby needed me.

Lori moved into a new place two weeks ago. Last weekend I volunteered to replace a few locks and door knobs. I mean, how difficult could it be? Right?

It was a royal pain in the ass to say the least. It took me two days to fix the front door, back door, garage door and the bathroom door. Then there was the storm doors.

Why do amateurs even attempt to fix things they have no clue about? People, when you don't know what your doing, ask someone that does, K?

Saturday I attacked the front and back door. The priority was the back door since it couldn't be locked.

Of course I had Sam to help me. Sam Adams that is, He's on the microwave.

A lot of wood filler and countless times moving the strike plate and the back door finally locked. The front door lock was a snap to replace.

Once I fixed the front and back doors, it was time to tackle the storm doors.

I don't have a clue why, but Lori thinks this shot is sexy. I am grateful for the praise, but I still don't get it.

It wasn't just me working, Lori was busting her ass. I don't have a picture of her ass, but I hope this will do.



Vixen said...

Yeah. Lori is doing what I do while my husband attempts, er does work around our house too.

*giggle* ;)

Dana said...

Oh sure ... showing off your tools for Lori! And she shows her appreciation by sucking on Mike!

TUG said...

Funny, I have some wood filler and strike plates to fix as well. I hope my job goes better than yours!

jillie said...

Aww man I need a good strong handy man out here!

That lemonade looks good in Lori's hand.

Hope you both have a Happy Easter!!


Libby said...

" don't have a clue why, but Lori thinks this shot is sexy."
oh, that's easy, tony...there's nothing sexier than seeing a man work hard, and break a sweat! :-)

Evening said...

Nothing more attractive than a man who can work with his hands!!
And Lori looks like the boss to me :)
Hope you two have a very nice holiday.

lime said...

it's sexy because any time a guy is doing manual labor it's manly Ergo sexy.

Monogram Queen said...

Did someone break into the place, is that why the doors needed so much work?
I wouldn't even attempt it! You're a great boyfriend Tony!

Wenchy said...

Lori is looking so well and I'm sure I have seen you do manual labour before!

bookbinder said...

True Wenchy, but I try to avoid physical work as much as I can.