Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Anniversary HNT

Last Friday, March 4th was Lori and mine 5th anniversary of the day we met. I wanted to make it special, so I got the jacuzzi suite in a local hotel for the weekend.

Nothing like a hotel room with a jacuzzi and champagne with the one you love ever so very much. Thanks for stalking me all those months baby. XOXOXOXO

Okay, I didn't actually drink the champagne, because I don't like it, but Lori drank it and I drank my usual gin & tonic. No problem, the end result was the same, I still got lucky. ;-)



13messages said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are on my short list of folks I'd like to meet.

Enjoy that hotel jacuzzi!

j.lynne said...

Ditto what 13messages sez....the short time I've read your blog...I think we would all (my hubby,Me, Lori & You) mesh very well. Happy HNT for you and Happy Anniversary. Just for the record I stalked my husband too many years

Chapter Two said...

lucky is as lucky does