Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mandate III HNT

Every year, Lori's brother and his family came to her place for a few days for a visit. Three years ago, Lori's son, brother & nephew decided to spent a day together hanging out without the women folk. Therefore, Mandate was born.

Last year Mandate II was moved to my place being that I had a pool & a BBQ. It was so much fun that everyone decided that each year Mandate would be held at my place. Mandate III was expanded to two days this year and celebrated this week on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Tuesday we started Mandate with a clambake. We walked over to the beach and gathered seaweed. Then we put an inch of water in the bottom of the pots and laid in a layer of seaweed.

Next we put in potatoes, corn on the cob, clams, muscles, shrimp.....

..... and last but not least, lobsters.

Then the last layer, more seaweed topped off by a potato. When the potato is done, so is everything else.

The table was set, the food was cooked.............

Finally it was time to sit down to what turned out to be a very delicious meal.

We even had a mascot.

If you look close you'll see he his tattoo.



In just over two weeks, on August 7th, I will be having the
First Annual Blogger Party.

You are all welcome!

Email me for details.


MinorityReport said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I never knew the thing about the potato as a gauge for how cooked everything is. Very cool.

reluctantprincess said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Looking forward to the pool party! I'm debating how to get there - wish I could swim across the ocean from Jersey - would be so much faster.

Osbasso said...

The potato thing is new to me, too. Though lobster is rarely what we cook out here.

Two weeks from now, and I should be sufficiently sunburned, looking just like the lobsters! No potato going to be needed to see that I'm done!