Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LeBron James Soon To Be a NY Knick ...... I hope.

I can't wait! It looks like a lock that Lebron James will be traded to the NY Knicks. He's been made an offer most men and many women, wouldn't refuse!


LeBron James -- Free Lap Dances for Life, If ...

LeBron James just got the sweetest offer in the history of mankind to move from Cleveland to the New York Knicks -- a lifetime of free stripper action.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star -- who will become a free agent after this season -- is getting million-dollar offers from several franchises to make the switch to their team ... but if LeBron inks a deal with the Knicks, New York's premiere strip club Scores says it'll give the basketball star:

- A free lifetime of lap dances
- A "LeBron James Day" when all the strippers will wear his jersey
- And free food for life at the strip club's very own steakhouse

Good luck competing with that Utah!


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