Thursday, March 18, 2010


Let me take you back to 1973.

Barbara and I got married in July, 1972. About a year later, it started to hit me at how much I missed having a dog around. So we bought some dog books and researched the traits and size of different breeds of dog. We finally settled on a Cairn Terrier. Meet our puppy Fritz.

Fritz lived a long and happy life, 17 years, and brought so much joy into our lives. I still miss him.


Bonus! Play the 'CAN YOU GUESS HER MUFF?' game! You try to guess what each girl does with her hair. It doesn't matter if you get it right, because there aren't any prizes, but it's fun guessing. Click here.


Os purchased his airplane tickets for New York and my the 'First Annual BTExpress Blogger Pool Party'. He was able to get a good price because he booked early, so make sure you get yours before the rush. The party is on Saturday, August 7th. You're all invited, so be there or be square.


Stealth said...

I love your flashbacks :) I miss my huskey panda too.

Misses M said...

I can't decided which is my favorite part of this flashback pic-- your hair or that shirt. You were stylin'!

I had my dog Pudgy for 18 years... got him from our neighbor when he was a pup and I was 2 years old... he's been gone for quite a while now but I still expect to see him sitting on the back step at my parents' house.

Lil Bit said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, what a cute lil puppy!
And the other cute lil shaggy beast in the photo ain't 1/2-bad either! ;)