Thursday, December 24, 2009

Three Christmas Wishes HNT

It's that time of year when Os goes theme crazy. Last week was the Christmas Tree HNT, this week it's Three Christmas Wishes and next week it's our Year's Favorite HNT. This weeks theme is especially difficult. We have to choose just three bloggers, but not someone particularly close to us and come up with the best Christmas gifts ever. Here are the three people and my fantasy gifts for them.

GAB - That vacation her and her husband haven't been on in five years. A two week, all expense paid trip to New York next summer, so her and her husband can attend my pool party.

Mark Leslie - An all expense paid world tour to promote that New York Times #1 best seller he's going to write.

Shumpy - An invitation to travel with Jimmy Buffet on his next tour. Including front row tickets and back stage passes at each venue. All expenses paid of course.

I know this is against the rules, but I have a wish for me. I wish that it would get warm here for a week or so and melt all this damn snow left by that blizzard last Saturday. The weather peeps said we had 19.8 inches, but by my measurement, we had 25.5 inches.


Happy Three Christmas Wishes HNT

Speaking of pool party. I'm having a pool party this coming summer on August 7th. Check out the side bar for the count down clock. Let me know if you want to come to New York for fun and a chance to meet Os and a lot of other fellow bloggers.


Osbasso said...

Hey, I thought the cabana boy was a good idea! Hell yeah, he'd have to cook, serve drinks, pick up lost bikini parts... Giving you and the pool girls plenty of underwater time! Really...I gave this some thought! :-)

Great wishes, though I would like a Jimmy Buffett tour package too, if you can swing it. Glad you got the snow rather than us, though. I'll take the bitter cold over that much snow any day!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

Ashly Star said...

I think Os had a good idea going there with the cabana boy myself. ;) Lol.

Great wishes! Happy HNT & Happy Holidays to you and the lovely lady in your life! =)

Mark Leslie said...

Thanks for the great wish, my friend. I only hope that the all expenses tour includes a chance for the two of us to sit down and enjoy a few beers and laughs together.

Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year to you and yours!

(Please, please, please send some of that snow up north to us Hamilton folks who are expecting rain on Christmas Day)

Misses M said...

Ick! You can keep your snow! Your expression in that pic is priceless, btw. And you know I'd looooove to come to your pool party... we'll see.

gab said...

Yes that woud be wonderful. Hubby said start saving your pennies. Boy if ony wishes came true. Merry christmas Tony and Lori. Tony.....You are one of the best boggers Ive ever read,keep up the good work. Hugs to you both and may a your wishes come true.

Shumpy said...

That is a fantastic Christmas gift! You know what fun (and naughty) times would be had on that tour?
When do we leave?

Barbara said...

You rock T:)