Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm a Chef HNT

Last week I had a craving for pot roast and all the fixin's.

I bought one of them oven cooking bags and stuffed it plum full. Three hours later here's what we got. Don't look like much now, but jus' you wait.

The yummy lookin 4 pound pot roast.

The pot roast cut up jus' fine. Looks good, don't it?

Then there's the fixin's. Baby carrots, potatoes and our fav, onions. They was very tasty.

I gots me a craving for some noodles too.

Ya, I know, two starches, but so what! I can cook whats ever I want, so there!!!!!!!

Ain't pot roast without gravy is it? So I's put the drippin's in a pot, stirred in a bit of four and made me a very tasty gravy fit for a king.

How's that for a dinner?

Lori sure liked it. Can't you tell?

If I do say so myself, it was great!



Libby said...

oh, tony, that is my absolute favorite meal!! i even remember asking Mom to make it for dinner at least once a week when i was little!!

marcellonyc said...

Molto delizioso!


Monogram Queen said...

It LOOKS great! I need to make one and make noodles to go with it. Yummy-ness!

Osbasso said...

You're always welcome to come cook for me! Be sure to stay unnekkid, though...

Jennybean said...

YUM! looks delish!

Q said...

I cooked one in my crock pot last week, too. I hadn't in a long time, but it reminded me that I should do that more often! Hope you're having a good week :)

S said...

I need to move to the east coast so I can get some good hearty cookin!! Sometimes living in California is just to dang healthy.

Got any leftovers?

SIMPLY ME said...

ya, it sure was good, when u makin it again? Happy HNT , my personal nekkid chef....boy am I the lucky one!