Wednesday, May 07, 2008


My son Brian started back to work on Monday. He's the manager now of the produce department in a new store. He liked it and was glad to finally get back to work and do something other than sit on his ass. He said he can't believe he gets paid so much for doing so little. LOL Everyday it's very slow except for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. The orders are 5 times less and so are the amount of cases of stuff they have to put out each day, than he's old store. He thinks the lack of work will drive him crazy in 6 months tops.

Yesterday I cleaned my kitchen all by myself. Yes, all by myself. Why may you ask am I doing actual manual labor? That's a very good question. Because my cleaning lady does a half ass job and what used to take her 3 to 3 1/2 hours to do, on last visit it she milked it for five hours. At $20 per hour, I'd just rather save the money and do it myself. It's not like I'm doing anything anyway. Mostly sitting on my ass in front of the computer working on my book or looking for new and better porn sites.

I also oiled the kitchen cabinets. The wood is very dry, so it soaked right in most places. I'll put a second coat on oil on today and see how that goes. Then I'll wash the floor. It really needs a good scrubbing. When I got down on my knees to wipe down the lower cabinets, I saw how shitty a job she's been doing on the floor too. This might be a scrub brush on hands and knees type of scrubbing.

The reason I didn't wash the floor yet, was because I made a mess taking apart the dish washer to try and fix the leak. It's still apart, because before I can put it back together, I need to let some silicon sealant dry. I guess I'd better get off my ass and get to work. See ya later alligators!


Monogram Queen said...

I would definitely get a new cleaning lady!

Libby said...

yay for brian!! he has the most fun job in the world!! except being a produce THAT'S power...if you know how to use it right!